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Social Media

Effective social media gives your business an unique way to directly connect and reach customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn should be treated as an integral part of your business,  providing  unique and exclusive customer experience.

TT Online provides customer with  designs and consultation using variety of social media sites to ensure your business has a complete online presence. We work on establishing trust with your customers in an effort to gain new customers to your business.

Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook Advertising

With nearly 1 billion users worldwide Facebook is fast becoming the new way of targeting your new business opportunities.  Facebook advertising allows you to target your ideal customer based on the interests listed on their profile. Your advert only appears to anyone stating an interest in your related services.  Best of all, you only pay when they actually click on the advert.

For your advert you will need an image related to your offer along with a short benefit statement to prompt a call to action from your audience.  We can even track and monitor the performance of your advert to make sure you see a return for your money

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Using Facebook Marketing methods has transformed many local businesses due to the nature of how you target customers.  You can set your targeting in the following ways:

Keyword – Age – Gender – Geography – Education – Relationship Status – Language – Were they work

Your advert can be seen by thousands but you only pay if the viewer clicks to show an interest in your offering.  It really is that simple.  Contact our Social media consultant today to see how we can help.

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