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All Our websites  are built with SEO in mind.  

Rergardless  of the plan you choose with us, we will always follow the same process to ensure that your site delivers exactly what you expect.  


For all out clients we identify the audience and potential visitors to your site who will bring in revenue using a range of tools like Google Analytics, Adwords and search operators, as well as a range of other tools and our extensive experience to see what’s out there, what’s working and what could be done better.  In doing so we can accurately measure specifically what people type into search engines to find your products and how often.

We also spend time identifying your online competition to see where they are found and what we can do to ensure potential customers find you first.

 Initial set-up

We install systems to allow us to manage the SEO process and provide useful data which we use to monitor the effect of any SEO work we do. (You can track your results monthly)

Where applicable, we can also create and optimise Google and Bing Places listings; a great way to reach out to a locally-based audience.

After initial research, and following feedback and consultation, we arrive at a finalised keyword list. This will form the core of your onsite content and your Meta content that sits behind the site.  Your dedicated SEO consultant will ensure that your key message is found on every page it needs to, and it includes key words and phrases that your audience is specifically using to find you

Ongoing Content Strategy

Google give ranking preference to those site which are frequently updated with industry related rich content.  Therefore it is vital that your site is continuously developed.  This involves regular research into keywords, FAQs, competitors and industry news then, identifying the most effective way to implement and optimise it all.


Our Partner process will provide accurate monthly reports that identify how well your website is performing.  We will be able to demonstrate what people are typing into search engines and how often you are found via these key searches.  Furthermore, we offer a Contact tracker services that includes unique Telephone numbers and Contact forms on every page of your site, so you know exactly where and when each lead comes from the website.

What Happens next

By the end of your campaign, you can expect to see improved website visibility, high positioned search engine rankings, increased website visitors and an even greater web presence.

If you like what you hear then we'd love to talk to you about your business. Find out more about our SEO services and get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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