Responsive Web Design

In this day and age responsive websites are a must. This is due to the large percentage of  people using mobile devices to access the Internet, such as mobile phones,  Ipads,  Tablets  and other such devices.

 This basically means that what you seen on your desktop or laptop screen may not appear in the same way on a mobile devices. This causes bad image placement or text placement and one of the most common faults is when you have a contact number on the right hand side of your website, you can sometimes only see half the number. Which means you could be losing customers as they can not access the full number to give you a call.

At TT Online we make sure your whole site is viewable on mobile devices ensuring your potential and existing customers get a professional and friendly experience using your website.

Our websites are tested on multiple device to ensure we fulfil our obligation to giving you a and your customers a great website experience.

45%     buy in store after doing research on a computer

Wealthy Consumers’ Shopping Habits - July 2013

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