If you’re looking to rank on Google places you need to make sure you have a specific address to register with Google (Google doesn’t recognise a PO Box.  The benefits of this are that you will appear on Page 1 of Google far more quickly than if you just opt for natural growth of your site through ethical SEO techniques.

 Put simply, Google likes to place the most relevant company to a specific searched for word or phrase for both what that business specialises in where geographically they are to that users search location.  Yes Google knows were both you and your target audience live.  It then puts your business details on page one in its PLACES section. If your site is relevant to the search, Google wants to connect you.  Hence you’re more likely to appear of first page through Google Places if you have recorded an physical address were your clients can visit you and high ranking website to match.

1. Get an Address your clients can visit.

This may cost you money, but if there’s enough business for you in a location that you are capable of servicing, it makes sense for you to set up a new business at that address targeting the specific business you want.

  Next, set up your website to reflect your newly created company.  Remember this must be a completely unique business whose content for the web design project must be completely independent of any other site.  Being unique will see you with extra Google ranking points.

So long as the lifetime value of a customer exceeds the cost of the office space along with the online marketing and coordination needed to pay for an SEO consultant, then this option becomes viable

2. Don’t Get a Virtual or P.O. Box  Address.  

The challenge Google has is that using virtual office space is a legitimate business practice, and it can be hard to differentiate between businesses that are using the space for a specific business need or that they own it purely with the intention of spamming their way up the rankings.

The Result of this situation is that you are likely to be hit hard if Google decide that you are not playing by their rules.  I have seen several occasions were sites have been suspended or removed from the ranking all together.  Just a suspicion of playing the system to appear where you are not based will see your site fall of the cliff.

3. Boost the Geo-Signals On & Off Your Site

While creating a page for the target location is a good first step, if you want to take your game to the next level, try adding customer testimonials and case studies indicating the location of the work you did in the target city.

Add directions to your business from nearby areas highlighting the products you offer

Add photos and videos Geo-tagged with the target location to your site

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